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Is Loving Touch the Ultimate Painkiller?

Hold my hand: Touching may ease pain by syncing brainwaves For some of us living with Rare Disease, significant, permanent, intractable chronic pain is a daily reality. We spend our time trying to find ways to cope with this pain so that we can remain active and functioning participants in society. But those of us living in such distress often find that the only relief comes when an low stable opioid dose is added to our multi model treatment plans. Those previously in too much pain to be active often find a restoration of some degree of function with the proper techniques and medications over time. It can take years to get the right balance of medicine, physical activity and rest, but the current North American Opioid Crisis is putting pressure on those of us who use such medications to give them up. While we wait for better pain treatments to be researched and created, we must do all we can to employ as many techniques as possible together to find some degree of relief. It's